Student Growth for Non-Tested Areas

This site provides information needed for teachers to register for the TeachForward system to complete the Student Growth Portfolio. Peer Reviewers and District Support personnel can also find information to support the Student Growth Portfolio process.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Webinar for School Administrators
  • Activate account and begin evidence collections
  • Submit Point A assessments (suggested)
  • Submit Point A and B assessments (deadline)
  • Online training for peer reviewers
  • Peer Review scoring ends

What is the TN Student Growth Portfolio?

The First to the Top Act of 2010 outlined a comprehensive evaluation system for teachers based on multiple measures of effectiveness, including student growth indicators. As such, developing comparable measures for teachers in non-tested grades and subjects continues to be a top priority for the department. TN currently uses the following portfolio growth models:

  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Education (grades K-5; 6-8)
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
  • CTE - Work Based Learning (pilot)
  • World Languages (pilot)

The benefits for this model include:

  • Provide teachers with the opportunity to reflect upon their teaching by looking at student work
  • Assess the impact that teachers have on student growth
  • Produce authentic student growth measures that are unique to an individual teacher’s students
  • Engage in professional learning conversations with colleagues that is based on evidence of student performance

Overview of the TN Student Growth Portfolio

The TN Student Growth Portfolio asks most teachers to complete four evidence collections that involve uploading authentic work products for a differentiated sample of students in two points in time (Point A and Point B).

Once submitted, the evidence collections are sent to peer reviewers who also score the work. The scoring follows a Consensus Scoring process. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the teacher’s self score and the peer review score, the submission is sent to an expert reviewer for final review. The expert reviewer’s scores will stand as the final scores for the submission.

The peer review scores (unless scored by an expert reviewer) are then used to calculate student growth scores for each evidence collection that are then leveled according to a Teacher Effectiveness rating scale. Both the growth scores for the evidence collections and the final Teacher Effectiveness rating will be shared with teachers in an online Score Report once peer review has been completed.