The Team

The 2017-18 model for the TN Student Growth Portfolio was developed to allow teachers to demonstrate their impact on student growth using authentic samples of student work. The state has worked with Educopia over the 2016-17 school year to develop a rigorous assessment process to support the collection of student work and scoring of that work to calculate the growth scores and teacher effectiveness ratings.

TN Student Growth Portfolio Partners

TN Department of Education

The First to the Top Act of 2010 outlined a comprehensive evaluation system for teachers based on multiple measures of effectiveness, including student growth indicators. As such, developing comparable measures for teachers in non-tested grades and subjects continues to be a top priority for the department. Portfolio growth models produce authentic student growth measures unique to an individual teacher’s students. Through video, audio, and images of student work, teachers capture student growth in real time.


Educopia is an assessment design firm with a focus on teacher development. The company also offers an advanced platform to support performance assessment for certification and licensure, teacher coaching and observation, online PLCs for collaborative feedback, and professional development of teachers and administrators. Educopia is the developer and administrator of the TN Student Growth platform for this initiative.